This website is an experiment in figuring out what I think. It's a bit of a dance, I admit. Or maybe a boxing match.

In one corner, the irrefutable facts of life. Enduring truths about the human condition. Norms, habits, and patterns in the social order that change at a glacial pace. Magic ratios and market math that somehow are always right.

The other corner is chaos.

Mediums and messages eating each other's faces off. Scrolling, spinning hype cycles crashing into each other like competing cyclones. Rulebooks smolder while today's expert explains the latest thing to die, in a 7-second Tik Tok loop.

If you deal with this stuff, I feel your pain.

I want you to be successful and take all your vacation every year.

I want that for me, too. And that's why I write this stuff. To sort out how to deal with the mess. To find the most durable tools and keep them sharp.

My disclaimer is that pretty much everything I'll ever say on these digital pages is an opinion. I make no claim to be an authority.

I'm not an academic or a trained researcher. I have no fact-checking team.

I'm just a guy trying to figure out how to be good at marketing without losing my soul or my sanity.

If you read this, I hope it helps you figure out what you think, whether or not you agree with a word I say.

In this world, our point of view might be all we've got.

I like long-form writing, which makes me an awkward fit for social media, but sure, follow me on LinkedIn, where I try to post at least once a week. If you want to know about my other life as a songwriter, try me on Instagram.

And if you need help with positioning, messaging, or narrative, take a look at my consultancy, In The Kitchen.